I have taught a range of courses, primarily on ethics, philosophy of technology, and science and technology studies. At Penn State, I created and regularly teach a course on "Data Ethics" for undergraduate data science majors (see syllabus). I recently taught a graduate seminar on "The Future of Privacy" (syllabus), and in Fall 2021 I'm teaching a new grad seminar on "Foundations of Technology Ethics and Policy" (syllabus).

At San Jose State, I taught an elective course in the philosophy department on "Science, Technology, and Human Values." In the more distant past, I taught a variety of introductory philosophy courses on topics such as logic, moral reasoning, political philosophy, and concepts of personhood.

Over the years, I have benefited from a lot of pedagogical training. I participated in the 2016 Cal State Summer Institute on "Designing Teaching for Diverse Learners." In 2012, I was a funded participant in the American Philosophical Association and American Association of Philosophy Teachers Teaching and Learning Seminar. As a graduate student, I participated in teaching practicums in both philosophy and women's and gender studies.

I received the Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2019 and the George J. McMurtry Junior Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award in 2021.